A Swedish innovation for more human, more secure and more sustainable care.

The world’s first hygiene robot. An innovative, medical aid that in a unique way helps people with a physical disability to take care of their personal hygiene by themselves. A finished, clinically tested product is planned to be demonstrated for selected local authorities, county councils and care establishments in the Nordic region at the end of 2016.

Three advantages of Poseidon

Poseidon – a victory for personal integrity.
Most people probably do not think about personal intimate hygiene being a problem for disabled people. Being forced to accept assistance from others can in the worst case lower a person’s self-esteem and make them feel that their personal integrity has been violated.

The idea behind Poseidon is to give physically disabled people a new possibility to take care of their personal hygiene safely and securely. The concept is aimed at users whose mobility is severely reduced as a result of neurological damage or just advanced age. Poseidon helps turn the washing experience into something positive. A private moment to look forward to that will boost both self-esteem and quality of life.

Poseidon – an important step towards a safer work environment
Heavy lifting and a stressful work situation unfortunately take their toll on staff in the care sector and are major contributors to sick leave and ultimately staff shortages. Moreover, care in the home also has its challenges. The homes is the scene of many fall accidents, up to 40% of which occur in the bathroom.

With Poseidon, care staff and relatives can reduce the risk of slipping on wet floors and avoid heavy lifting that can for example cause back and neck injuries. In a context where work environment issues are high on the agenda, Poseidon is an inspiring example of how innovative technology can improve daily routines in care settings.

Poseidon – contributes to better economy in care
We are moving towards a steadily ageing population and a society where everyone must take responsibility for resources being used in a more sustainable manner – from both a human and an economic point of view. Poseidon is a concept that takes both these factors, and not least the financial aspects, into account. Tests conducted by Stockholm County Council have shown that Poseidon can save up to 10 minutes of care time per patient and ward. Add to this the fact that usage of water and energy can be controlled efficiently and that exposure to heavy lifting and risk of slipping are reduced.

Last but not least, Poseidon offers a business model based on a rental agreement with reliable service providers who are responsible for installation, operation and maintenance. For the customer this means that they do not need to tie up capital in equipment and that it is easier to budget and follow up costs. Customers will also be offered attractive opportunities to test and evaluate Poseidon without binding undertakings.

How Poseidon works

Poseidon is designed throughout with the user’s well-being and the care staff’s safety in mind. Here follows a summary of its most important features.

Poseidon_stol3The ergonomically designed chair is controlled by means of advanced software, sensors and motors. When the chair is extended, the armrest is lowered and the seat is angled slightly to allow the user to seat him- or herself comfortably. The two-part seat is adjustable and the comfortable backrest is the right height to give the appropriate support.

The shower area is designed so that the user feels safe and relaxed. The environment is fully surrounding but still airy and the curved safety glass is frosted for privacy. This preserves the user’s integrity and strengthens their self-esteem.

The strong telescopic arm lifts the chair into the shower area with a gentle, controlled movement, without the user or care staff needing to put their feet on a slippery wet floor. In practice, Poseidon can contribute to eliminate the risk of taxing fall accidents in showers and bathrooms.

Poseidon_inneIndividual washing programmes.
The user starts his or her own personal washing programme that is adapted to as good as all parts of the body – chest, abdomen, legs and groin area. Water jets and soap are distributed separately via a total of 14 nozzles. The temperature and pressure of the water are easy to control and a separate hand shower can be reached without difficulty. The washing programmes have been developed in collaboration with clinic staff from gynaecology and geriatrics departments.

Meets stringent hygiene requirements.
Poseidon’s design and the materials it is made from meet the stringent hygiene and environmental requirements that apply within the carte sector. The moving parts are securely enclosed and the clean, smooth surfaces are easy to clean and ensure a microbe-free environment. The main materials are glass, aluminium and a non-toxic composite (glass fibre).


  • Width/depth: 1.3 m/1.6 m
  • Depth, telescopic arm extended: 2.2 m
  • Height/weight: 1.4 m/500 kg
  • Chair: Ergonomically designed with a two-part seat and high back support
  • Walls: 9 mm safety glass
  • Water distribution: 10 nozzles
  • Soap: 4 nozzles
  • Software: Individually programmable
  • Controls: Panel and alarm button
  • Environment: Low energy and water consumption

Please note: The data and illustrations in this folder refer to prototype no 4. Information is subject to changes without prior notice.