Poseidon in place in Karlstad

Now it is in place, the intelligent shower that makes it easier for people with disabilities to be able to take a shower themselves, without the need for help. Marléne Kopparklint Lund, chair of the care and welfare committee, tried out the new unique shower at the Resource Center.

Karlstad municipality will have a collaboration with the Center for Service Research at Karlstad University, which will study how Poseidon is experienced by both those who use the shower and staff in care.

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Poseidon in Dagens Samhälle

Dagens Samhälle had the theme Elderly care and then Thomas Ryberg was interviewed in connection with five elderly homes in Karlstad, Eskilstuna, Västerås, Fagerska and Uppsala using it.

"It is the world's first fully automated shower," says Thomas Ryberg, "and users maintain their integrity and independence." säger Thomas Ryberg, ”och användarna bibehåller sin integritet och självständighet”.

Read the full interview here DAGENSSAMHÄLLE_Robotdusch

Innovations like Poseidon are appreciated

The EU invests heavily in advanced research and innovation through projects such as Horizon 2020EU Commissioner Corina Creţu recently visited Robotdalen in Västerås to get an in-depth picture of various EU-supported innovation projects in Sweden. During the visit, she of course took the opportunity to test Poseidon, and tweeted about the visit.

Visiting @Robotdalen, an excellent example of how the #CohesionPolicy is supporting advanced innovation in Sweden. pic.twitter.com/sjeA1vgCwj — Corina Creţu (@CorinaCretuEU) 8 november 2016

Read more about EU Commissioner Corina Creţu's visit to Robotdalens on their blog


Yes to robots in geriatric care


Can you imagine being taken care of by a robot when you get older?” That was the question of the month in May in the magazine Ny Teknik. A total of 3,145 people responded and more than half, 58 percent, were positive.

“There are studies that show that many people prefer, for example, a night camera to human surveillance in their sleep. Or think that a shower robot would be less intrusive than getting help in the bathroom from strangers", says Daniel Forslund, innovation county councilor with responsibility for e-health issues and innovations at Stockholm County Council. Read the full article in the magazine Ny Teknik and how the survey was conducted.