Innovations like Poseidon are appreciated

The EU invests heavily in advanced research and innovation through projects such as Horizon 2020EU Commissioner Corina Creţu recently visited Robotdalen in Västerås to get an in-depth picture of various EU-supported innovation projects in Sweden. During the visit, she of course took the opportunity to test Poseidon, and tweeted about the visit.

Visiting @Robotdalen, an excellent example of how the #CohesionPolicy is supporting advanced innovation in Sweden. — Corina Creţu (@CorinaCretuEU) 8 november 2016

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Utmaning demografi välfärdsteknologi

Welfare technology and demographic challenges

Welfare technology in the Nordic countries and Stockholm

Investment in welfare technology is a must for Sweden's demographic challenges. More and more counties and county councils are investing in innovation and new technology to find future solutions in elderly care. Nordic Independent Living Challenge and Stockholm Digital Care are two initiatives with the ambition to meet the demographic challenges with welfare technology and innovation.

It is clear that the challenges with our demographic development are taken seriously, says Thomas Ryberg, CEO of Robotics Care. Regardless of whether the new solutions are e-services, based on robot technology or mechanical solutions, care for the elderly in Sweden will soon look very different.

We only have a few years to meet the enormous needs of the future, so now it is important to be active, states Clara Lindblom (V), Senior Citizens' Council in Stockholm in DN's article on the Nordic Independent Living Challenge. The Article in DN about the Nordic Independent Living Challenge

Nordic Independent Living Challenge was arranged together by the five Nordic capitals. It is a competition for innovations that can promote an independent life for the elderly and people with disabilities. Over 400 entries were received and five finalists were selected. Read more about the competition and the results here. Läs mer om tävlingen och resultatet här

Another development project is Stockholm Digital Care, which is a five-year EU project with the aim of a larger range of welfare technology specifically designed for the elderly, the project will also contribute to an independent life and well-being for the elderly who remain at home. The project aims to create growth for small and medium-sized companies in the Stockholm region that work with welfare technology. Projektet har som mål att skapa tillväxt för små och medelstora företag i Stockholmsregionen som arbetar med välfärdsteknologi.

Regardless of where in Sweden, expectations are high. The coming technological change linked to our demographic challenge, just like all other shifts, is expected to both save money and help people live a more independent – and healthier – life. These are exactly the same expectations that we know that Poseidon will meet regarding the elderly and people with reduced mobility's ability to take care of their own hygiene, concludes Thomas Ryberg.

Poseidon is being developed in Robotdalen

Poseidon is one of many projects that are currently being developed with support from Robotdalen. An innovative, medical-technical aid that in a unique way helps people with reduced mobility to take care of their personal hygiene.

Robotdalen takes robot innovations all the way to the market. They focus on new technical solutions for industryservice and health (care and nursing).Follow their journey towards becoming an internationally recognized innovation environment!

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