Freja Press Release - Brussels

The idea behind FREJA is to help the disabled take care of their personal hygiene under safe conditions. The solution is aimed at users suffering from partial mobility due to neurological damage or merely through old age.

The FREJA hygiene robot makes showering a positive experience. A private moment to look forward to and a boost for personal dignity and quality of life. The ergonomically designed seat is controlled using advanced software, sensors and motors. The seat is extended and lowered sufficiently to allow the user to sit comfortably. The seat cushion is in two parts and the comfortable backrest is high enough to provide support and great comfort. The footrest is designed to allow walkers and wheelchairs to get close. The seat is lifted into the shower space with a gentle, controlled movement without either users or care staff having to step on a wet, slippery floor. In practice, FREJA contributes to a substantially lower risk of difficult slip and fall accidents in bathrooms and showers.

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