Måsta Äng's academic care and nursing home is investing in version 2 of Poseidon

Måsta Äng is one of Sweden's most progressive care homes. A meeting place for residents, relatives, staff, students, teachers, researchers, the elderly and innovators in the field of elderly care. Måsta provides conditions for competence increase, co-production and quality development in both care and nursing activities, as well as in work-based education (VFU).

Viktor Hård, Area Manager for Care and Nursing Homes in Eskilstuna Municipality, highlights the importance of New Welfare Technology. There are great hopes on Poseidon version 2 on Måsta Äng, according to Viktor. The new version of Poseidon has the potential to solve several problems simultaneously in a shower situation both for the user and for caregivers. This is a prerequisite for welfare technology to function satisfactorily.