Robotics Care strives to improve the health and independence of disabled persons around the world, while taking consideration to a sustainable production and work guidelines that minimize the impact on the environment. 

Our commitment to continuously improving our environmental performance ensures sustainability in all aspects of our work and productions processes. 

As part of our on-boarding processes, all Robotics Care employees receive relevant information about our sustainability guidelines, which are regularly updated as new processes arise. 

Suppliers and sub-contractors are required to follow our guidelines for sustainable production which strive to improve on the relevant environmental standards and regulations. These requirements are monitored with documentation and on-site inspection.   

By protecting life and assets, Robotics Care products contribute to a positive environmental impact by minimizing the use of resources and prevent accidental pollutions.

Safety and human rights

Robotics Care strives to improve the quality of life for individuals around the world. We require anyone associated with our organization to follow our strict guidelines to ensure Safety and Human rights

We say NO to

  • Child labor – We recognize the rights of every child. 
  • Dangerous working conditions – Nobody should be required to work in conditions that threaten their health or welfare.
  • Forced labor – Work must not be made under threat of punishment or as a means of repayment of debt.
  • Discrimination – No one is to be threatened, abused or discriminated of any cause.
  • Disciplinary practices – We treat all personnel with dignity. We do not accept the use of mental or physical punishment.
  • Bribes and fraud – We do not tolerate bribes or fraud in any business relations.

We say YES to

  • Health and safety – We ensure that employees, suppliers and subcontractors are provided with a safe, clean and healthy working environment. 
  • Environment – We comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations in the country of operation. We minimize energy use and waste, and handle chemicals correctly.


Workers’ rights and freedom of association

All people producing for Robotics Care have the right to an employment contract, to form and join trade unions and to negotiate collectively. 

Working hours

We comply with applicable laws and industry standards on working hours. We compensate for overtime work.


Wages shall always meet at least legal or industry minimum standards and be sufficient for the basic needs of personnel. All workers are granted their stipulated annual, sick or parental leave.

Agenda 2030

We have set a corporate goal to meet the Agenda 2030 standards here at RoboticsCare. Click here for more information on what that means

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